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My View

My artistic vision is pretty straightforward: We are not simply on the Earth, but rather we are of the Earth.  The human form in its most natural state carries no fabric.  As such, we blend, contrast, reflect, embrace, and express all of the natural beauty of which we are a part. Some of my works can be evocative, some provocative, and some are more narrative while others are simply and serenely aesthetically pleasing.  I have actually heard several times about my work, "But no one would really just lie down in the woods like that, or walk around naked in an abandoned building."  I prefer to think of my images in not such literal, and limiting, terms.  Perhaps the model is not truly in that location, but rather simply imagining that place while resting or dreaming.  Or perhaps the figure is actually the spirit of someone who once experienced an emotionally powerful event in that location, good or bad, and forever their spirit will dwell in that location while you, the viewer, are witness to that everlasting spirit.  It's my photograph, but it's your interpretation.  That is art.  And that is why I consider myself an artist who uses a camera rather than considering myself to be a photographer.

My Background

Be Prepared

Beyond a couple of college classes some 35 years ago, I'm not professionally educated in art nor photography.  I'm self-taught.  I began entering pieces into photography competitions when I was in my 30s, about two dozen years ago.  I operated my own artist's gallery on the coast of Maine from 2003 to 2013.  I have worked with both men and women as nude models (approximately 250 to date), although I work more with women than men.  I currently work exclusively with professional nude models for my art exhibitions, or with clients who hire me for commissioned assignments of like kind. I'm happily married with three step-children living on the Maine coast, just a stone's throw from Acadia National Park and many other locations that are natural treasures.

Charles Laurier Dufour

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